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Granted Wishes is committed to Granting Wishes to individuals who have worked their entire lives as parents, neighbors, co-workers, etc. and have worried about, cared for and provided for everyone but themselves. We give back by providing a Granted Wish that would, otherwise, not be financially possible.
If you know anyone that you would like to see a Granted Wish of their own come true, click the “Contact” button to submit their story for consideration. If they meet the minimum requirements, established by the GRANTED WISHES Board of Directors, they will be contacted by one of our dedicated Wish Agents who will determine their eligibility and further discuss their wish.

If you would like to help us meet the financial needs of GRANTED WISHES, please visit our Donation page and contribute what you can. Anything helps and all donations continue to help us to Create Smiles and Change Lives.



  1. Nov 14, 2011
    7:08 pm

    Lisa Wheeler

    I volunteer with the Brandon Foundation Angel Program. A 68 year old single lady has requested help with some minor repairs around the house as she is on a very fixed income. She does meet our criteria of a life threantening illness (although she has been in remission of cancer for 4 years) but I would like to get her some help. Is this in your area or are you able to refer someone?

    • Dec 2, 2011
      2:04 am


      Could you please contact us, via email, and be more specific about what she is in need of? Our email address is admin@Grantedwishes.org.

      Thank you for the referral!

      Brian S. Lambert
      Granted Wishes, Inc.

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