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Our Mission

Granted Wishes is a Non-Profit, 501(c)(3) committed to the reduction of loneliness, depression and suicide among the adult and elderly populations throughout America.

Loneliness and depression are both world-wide epidemics that not only effect people emotionally but physically as well. Suicide is often the end result of someone suffering from chronic depression and the late life and elderly populations of America make up the largest percentage. At Granted Wishes, we feel that no one should be emotionally punished for having out lived their family members and friends.

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Who is George Renc?

Organized and founded in July of 2010, GRANTED WISHES became the idea of Brian S. Lambert after the death of a good friend, George F. Renc. Mr. Renc was a great man who quieltly died in a low income apartment in Tampa, Florida. After his death, George's body remained on the floor of his apartment, without air conditioning, until he was found more than two weeks later.

George passed away completely alone. No family or no friends to come to his aid or be by his side in his time of need or to celebrate his life. His body was removed by the County Medical Examiners Office and was "stored" until family claimed his remains. It was well known that Mr. Renc had no family meaning that after a 90-day storage period, his remains would have been disposed of with no service whatsoever. It was after learning that this was going to happen that Mr. Lambert decided to create GRANTED WISHES in honor of Mr. Renc. Explore our website to learn more!

Businesses needed!

Granted Wishes is looking for motivated local employers currently looking to fill entry level employment opportunities. We are working with the local homeless population and various shelters to place eligible candidates into gainful positions of employment throughout our community. The homeless population is typically at a disadvantage because of the lack of contact information such as an address, phone number or email address. Granted Wishes makes that all available to potential employees as well as training on resume preparation, basic business etiquette, interpersonal skills and the importance of focusing on customer service. We do all the work of pre-screening candidates making sure the most basic eligibility characteristics are met. If you are a local business owner, or in hiring decision position, and you are looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people who would, otherwise, not have this opportunity, we want to work with you. Please contact us at 813-562-8788, via email at or by visiting our Contact Us page to set up a time to discuss your available opportunities. Although we can never guarantee the overall success rate of any employee, we are confident that our pre-screening will provide you with candidates that are willing to work hard and who are motivated to succeed.